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    Friday, February 4, 2011
    What is MLM?

       Maybe some of you don't know what MLM is, so before explaining about MLM strategy on how to attract people, it is better for me to explain what MLM is? Basically the MLM system is simple, they use the rule of multiplying. First, you have to become a member, then you sell the company product and then you have to find more member to receive commission. 

    I will show you how these MLM agent attract you to become a member, in a story mode for you to better understand.Whether you want to believe it or not, just give me your opinion.All critic toward this article will be accepted with open heart.

    The STORY..

       One Day, a friend call you and ask you to meet up with him/her. When both of you meet up, he/ she will show you some product from a company. Then he/she will talk and talk about the goodness of the product, he/she will show you picture and testimony from people that have try to use the product. Then, the interesting part. He/ She will attract you with words like 'income with a lot of money',' less time for work' and many more. Then, you will ask how? by this moment he/she will be very happy,you might not notice that  you have fall into the trap, but believe me you have! Some MLM agent will directly show you how, but some will ask you to come for a seminar, no matter how the method is, all the instruction are mostly the same. You have to find more member and ask them to buy their product.

       So, just take the situation where you have to go to a seminar . You will be ask by your friend to come to a seminar, he/she will say that if he/she explain it here you might not understand. So he/she will ask you to choose your date, he/she will also ask to be quick because the seat are limited.But believe me, I have been in this situation, even though they say it's limited but they are not totally full. You have been cheated, SEE! you have been cheated!!!!. 

       Once you have seated, there is no way you can go out.You have fall into the biggest trap of all. And the brainwash will start here..
       First, the MC will talk on some introduction,bla bla bla.He will always says congratulation for being here, because you have been selected by god or by destiny or whatever, and the MC will say that you all are the lucky one and deserve to be successful.The MC will add something like this is your beginning to success. He/She will give every positive word he/she can to make you feel positive about this program and also curious.

      Then the MC will call the speaker, here is the part that i hate the most. Usually the MC will call the speaker names after he/she have stated how much income this speaker have in a month this speaker earn and also what type of car or house or anything this speaker own. You will feel a bit jealous,yes a bit jealous, don't deny me that.To make you jealous is actually the reason why, they talk about all of wealth the speaker have. At this point, your greed for money have nearly conquer you or for some people have totally been conquered.

      How They Do It?How They Attract You So Fast?

      It's simple, because human are easily attract to money. Most of people on earth want to have a lot of money right? In the seminar or in the company book, most of the DIGITS will be colored in red,bold and enlarge. And you will find this NUMBERS repeated again and again. To brainwash your brain they start with The rule of Continuity.

    What is the Rule of Continuity?

      If we repeatedly doing thing, for example math question. If we keep practicing, the chance for you to make a mistake is lesser than the first time you did the question. Because your brain had stored the memory inside.That's why practice make perfect.But what happen if we keep listening or seeing thing, the answer is you will like it. That's why big companies spend million and million of dollars for commercial. So that people know and love their brand.

      So after you have repeatedly seen the NUMBERS,you will love it, you will feel the greed of having or earning such kind of money.

                           A Lot of Money + Fast + Less Work = What Most Human Want

      But is it enough to attract people, actually no?because money is not everything right?After stating about the income, here are the basic nature of human. Human are lazy and not patient. So money alone is not enough, but making a lot of money fast and by doing less work is what most of the people want.So they will also repeatedly tell you that people can achieve a specific amount of money in the less amount of time, but you don't have to do a lot of work. For example, you will be asked to find only 4 people then the 4 people will fine more peoples,thats how you get your commission.Some even ask you to find as much people as you can, but as you see, all of them will ask you to find as much people to become a member.

        Emotional Attack

       They will also attack you with emotional. For example, they will talk about the life without financial problem, the will talk about becoming a young millionaire, they will talk about repaying your parent, and many more.The reason is to make you feel more passionate to join the MLM company.

        Then they will say to you that you will be regret if you don't join this program, they will also make you feel guilty if you do not join this company. They will say that chance come and leave, you take it or leave it. By this, the chance of for you not to join this program is very little.

    Thinks You Need To Know About MLMs..

    • They will ask you to select a few membership package, if you pay more attention, you will see that all of them are confusing but because the NUMBERS are bold, enlarge, and highlighted you will only be interested in the NUMBERS.
    • The Times: "The Government investigation claims to have revealed that just 10 per cent of Amway's agents in Britain make any profit, with less than one in ten selling a single item of the group's products."
    • Scheibeler, a high level "Emerald" Amway member: "UK Justice Norris found in 2008 that out of an IBO [Independent Business Owners] population of 33,000, 'only about 90 made sufficient incomes to cover the costs of actively building their business.' That's a 99.7 percent loss rate for investors."
    • Newsweek: based on Mona Vie's own 2007 income disclosure statement "fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10 percent made more than $100 a week."
    • Business Students Focus on Ethics: "In the USA, the average annual income from MLM for 90% MLM members is no more than US $5,000, which is far from being a sufficient means of making a living (San Lian Life Weekly 1998)"[23]
    • USA Today: "While earning potential varies by company and sales ability, DSA says the median annual income for those in direct sales is $2,400."In an October 15, 2010 article, it was stated that documents of a MLM called Fortune reveal that 30 percent of its representatives make no money and that 54 percent of the remaining 70 percent only make $93 a month. The article also states Fortune is under investigation by the Attorneys General of Texas, Kentucky, North Dakota, and North Carolina with Missouri, South Carolina, Illinois, and Florida following up complaints against the company.
    • MLMs will always says that nowadays to find job is hard. So MLM is the solution. This is why student are the prime and the most easiest target of all.

    What MLM don't want you to know.

      Have you ever thought about this. What happen if the amount of member is increasing, but the amount of consumers is decreasing( for example, a weight loss product will have consumer from people who have weight problem,the amount of consumer will get less and less because not every one have weight problem right?only some percentage of people. So when one of them use the product, the percentage of the target consumer is decreased, just imagine 10 to 100 of new consumer every day, how fast  the amount of people with weight problem that is not using the product is decreasing. So your target consumer is rapidly decrease). What will happen??Just ask yourself.And find the answer.

      Maybe some of you does not understand what I have said above. So, here I will do for you some mathematical calculation for you to observe.


       An MLM E learning Company:

    The Target Consumer is student from the age of 7 to the age of 18 or 21.

    If a country have a population of 30 million how much of them will be in the range of age 7 to 21.
    Just pretend it is 10 million.
    The product cost 1000  a year ( what ever currency it is, it's not a problem)
    Just imagine 70% of the target consumer use this product. So they will be a revenue of 7Billion.
    A lot Money!! but here is the catch,it is a lot for  1000 or 5000 people. But to get that kind of user the MLM company need to have a lot of member.
    Just imagine a MLM agent,find 2 members a month,then the next month the two new members will find two more new members,in a year the amount of member is 2 power of 12 is 4096, but remember this a lot MLMs ask you to find at least 4 new member, so 4 the power of 12 is 16 million plus.
    If you use your brain you will see the weakness of this system.This system will benefit the early one and the pioneer of the company, you help them rich!!One More thing, usually most consumer want to be a member of the MLMs.So basically the amount of members is nearly equal to the amount of user, in this case because children is the consumer, the member is their parent.





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